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Online Associate Degrees


ash worth college online An Associate of Science Degree in Accounting program can help prepare you for a career where your abilities can help you stand out. The curriculum in this 4-semester program provides comprehensive instruction and is developed with the help of industry professionals.
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Computer Information Systems

ashworth college online Our Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems program is a well-rounded 4- semester package. It provides instruction in programming, networking, PC repair and more. Our general education, core and elective courses are developed with the input of industry professionals.
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Construction Management

ashworth college degree online A degree in Construction Management helps you develop the management and leadership skills to supervise a job site. This program, containing input from industry professionals, is affordable and flexible.
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Criminal Justice

criminal justice program at ashworth college The Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice is a 4-semester program. This online degree, which combines general education courses, core courses and electives, helps prepare you for roles in criminal justice. The curriculum is well-rounded and flexible, and we offer flexible payment plans to fit any budget.
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Early Childhood Education

ashworth college, degree in early childhood The Early Childhood Education program includes courses that are developed with the input of practicing professionals. After this 4-semester program, you will have received in-depth instruction for supervising children from newborn to age eight.
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ashworth college online finance program Earning an Associate of Science Degree in Finance will teach you important finance procedures. The information that is taught in our courses is designed for real-world application. The 4- semester program ensures career relevance since it is developed by practicing professionals.
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General Business

ash worth college online business The General Business Associate Degree was developed with the input of practicing professionals to help you learn career relevant skills. In each of our courses, you will receive in-depth training in important business procedures and principles. This flexible and affordable program is for 4 semesters.
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General Studies

ash worth college online business The Associate Degree in General Studies offers you broad knowledge in a variety of subject areas. This flexible, 4-semester program helps set the stage for your success. This online program consists of general education, core and elective courses.
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Healthcare Administration

ashworth college online degree Obtain a Healthcare Administration Associate Degree, which is comprised of courses that are designed for real-world application in a meaningful career. In this 4-semester program, you will receive an education in the management of health care facilities.
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Human Resource Administration

ashworth college human resources program Obtain a degree in Human Resource Administration, a 4-semester program in which you will receive an education in the management of human resource functions. All of the courses are designed with input from practicing professionals to help you learn career-relevant skills.
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marketing degree at ashworth college An Associate Degree Program in Marketing provides an education in important marketing techniques and methods. You will study key topics, from advertising approaches to pricing strategies. This comprehensive, 4-semester program is affordable and will help give you the knowledge for a real-world career.
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Paralegal Studies

paralegal studies program onine ashworth The online curriculum for the Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies covers the skills and abilities that can help you succeed as a paralegal. This program is an important step toward your career goals and can be completed in 4 semesters. The curriculum is flexible and career relevant.
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ashworth college online psychology Earn a Psychology Associate Degree in a 4-semester program that can give you a broad understanding of human behavior. The curriculum is composed of general education courses, core courses and electives. This flexible program can enhance your current career skills or start you on a new career path.
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Retail Administration

ashworth college online Ashworth’s Associate of Science Degree in Retail Administration program teaches key skills, from hiring a sales staff to supervising the supply chain. It can give you in-depth instruction in retail administration procedures and principles in 4 semesters. This program is flexible, affordable, and career relevant.
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Security Administration

ashworth college, security admin program The Degree Program in Security Administration provides an education that can be applied to the real world. In this 4-semester program you will be provided with in-depth instruction in security administration principles and procedures. All courses are developed with input from practicing professionals.
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