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Bachelor's Degrees

Business Administration

ash worth college online Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration can help you fully develop your analytical, organizational and leadership talents. This 8-semester program shows you how to integrate management, marketing, accounting and finance concepts.
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Criminal Justice

criminal justice ashworth college online The Criminal Justice program is comprised of 40 courses of 3 credits each. You will obtain knowledge of criminal investigation, corrections, American law and procedure and more in 8 semesters. This online program can help you achieve your career goals after graduation.
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Early Childhood Education

ashworth college online Obtain an Early Childhood Education Bachelor’s Degree, and you can make an impact on children’s lives. This online 8-semester program lays a strong foundation of knowledge in the procedures and principles of educating and supervising young students. It can be the start of a very exciting career path.
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ash worth college online business program Ashworth’s eBusiness Bachelor’s Degree program can prepare you for success in the Internet economy. It demonstrates the key aspects of this stimulating career in 8 fascinating semesters. You will learn practical strategies for developing website content, techniques for interactive marketing and much more.
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General Studies

ashworth college online program Receive a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies in this 8-semester program. In this flexible program, you can select courses that match your individual objectives. The curriculum educates you in a variety of disciplines, and prepares you for the career of your choice.
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ashworth college online management program With a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, you can manage a project team, a department, a branch office or even an entire company. After completing this 8-semester program, showing you how to increase the profitability and productivity of organizations, you will be equipped to help various types of businesses succeed.
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ash worth college online marketing degree The Marketing program is comprised of 40 courses of 3 credits each. You will learn how to promote products through sales, advertising and interactive campaigns. With this Bachelor’s Degree, you can pursue careers in all types of companies.
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psychology degree program at ashworth college online Be introduced to the concepts, principles, and applications of general psychology in our Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology program. In 8 semesters, you will be educated in fascinating topics that you can use in many career fields.
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A career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by vocation and state. You should check with your state, local government and/or licensing board to find out which requirements may be applicable in your state.